Storytime: Excuse Me!

Got asked to do a storytime about good behavior. At first this seemed really daunting – the only one I could think of offhand was that Aliki book about manners – but there are actually some really great books out there. (It will not surprise you to learn that all of them teach good behavior by showcasing hilariously bad behavior.) This was for a class of five-year-olds – Excuse Me! is pretty long, so you may want to switch that one out if your audience is younger.

Excuse Me! – Lisa Kopelke – This is the only one of these books that isn’t all that well-known, and it’s really fun for storytime. It’s about a frog who burps too much (yes, there are many group burping opportunities) and gets kicked out of town for never saying “excuse me.” The caregivers were grossed out, the kids LOVED it, and I had a lot of fun reading it.

No, David! – David Shannon

How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight? – Jane Yolen

Meet Wild Boars – Meg Rosoff

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