Book Club: The Witches

The Witches, by Roald Dahl

Discussion Questions

1. Did you think this book was funny? What parts of it were funny? Did you think it was weird?

2. Could you relate to anything in the story?

3. What did you think about the grandmother telling the boy all these scary stories about witches? Was this mean, or was she doing it so that he would be prepared to meet witches? Would you have believed the stories?

4. What do you think happened to Bruno (the other boy who is turned into a mouse)? Why weren’t the boy and his grandmother worried about him?

5. Did you like the ending? Do you think it was weird that the boy didn’t mind being a mouse? What do you think about their plan to rid the world of witches?

6. What other witch stories do you know about? How are Roald Dahl’s witches different from other witches you’ve heard about? Do you think there are real witches?


First, we’re all going to write a super-short book review of any book (or comic, or whatever).

Second, we’re going to play a game called “Witches”. I will explain it – it’s a little complicated so you have to pay attention. (Note: This was the game Mafia, but with witches instead of mafia members as the bad guys.)

Third, we’re going to hand out the book for next month (you’ll like it).

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