Book Club: Vampire Island

Vampire Island, by Adele Griffin

Discussion Questions

1. Who is your favorite character? Why?

2. What do you think about Hudson’s crusade for the environment? Why did it make the other kids in his school so mad? How would you feel if someone like Hudson was in your class?

3. Was Maddie right to go after the von Krik family? Or should they have been left alone unless they bothered Maddie’s family?

4. When the Livingstones left the Old World, they gave up the chance to live forever. What do you think about that choice? Would you want to live forever?

5. Why do you think Hudson might have kept his Old World powers when everyone else in his family lost theirs?


By popular (and repeated…constantly) request, we played Mafia (called “Vampires” this month). I can never turn down a game of Mafia.

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