Author Encounters: Aaron Allston

So, for those of you who are not nerds, Aaron Allston is the author of a number of Star Wars novels – actually, he’s the author of all the good Star Wars novels (other than the ones written by Matthew Stover and Timothy Zahn, and maybe Michael Stackpole if I’m feeling generous). He’s awesome. So when I found out he’d be doing a book signing at the Oakbrook Borders, I knew I had to be there.

It was a pretty awesome scene: there were lots of people in costume, and a remote-controlled life-sized R2-D2. Most importantly, of course, there was Aaron Allston, who read some from Outcast (his new book, part of the new Fate of the Jedi series, which is liable to be pretty terrible but that’s not his fault) and then answered audience questions…including mine, which I’ll tell you about if you’re curious. Afterwards, we all lined up and got our books signed. He was really great and personable and happy to answer questions and chat a little. He wrote a personal note in everyone’s books. He even agreed to sign one kid’s stack of like eight books, which is unusual at these events.

So that was all pretty cool, but then it got awesome. Earlier in the evening, I’d been talking to some guys from the local Star Wars club, and they’d invited me to go out to dinner with their group after the signing. I was hungry – I’m always hungry – so I went, not knowing that – drumroll, please – Aaron Allston would be joining them.


For the record, I never wake up in the morning and think to myself, “Hey, I bet I’m going to have dinner with one of my favorite authors tonight.” Because that is not a thing that happens.

Except for tonight, when it totally did happen.

So anyway, we went to some sports bar-type place and had dinner and a drink with Aaron Allston, seriously, and we talked about Star Wars and lots of other stuff, like normal people, which we mostly are. It was an epically awesome night…which most of you know since I’m pretty sure I called everyone who could possibly care once I got home.


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