Casting for the Hunger Games movie, obviously

So this has been a hot topic for a while now, and after (an embarrassing number of) hours spent considering the question, I have decided who should play the main characters in the Hunger Games movie. Since there are a lot of pictures, you’ll have to click through.

P.S. I definitely can’t wait 12 more days for this book, and I am super bummed that there were no ARCs this year.

Cinna: Clinton Kelly. Obviously.*

*OK, it was just pointed out to me that Jay Manuel (from America’s Next Top Model) would also be awesome and fabulous, so…if we can’t get Clinton, Jay’ll work too.

Effie: Kelly Ripa, who is (in my opinion) sort of creepy and smarmy in the same way that Effie is.

Prim: Abigail Breslin. She’s adorable and a solid actress. I think Primm is sort of annoying, which Abigail Breslin is not, but see – that’s how much I trust her acting.

Haymitch: Jack Black. Does anyone play a flailing obscene drunk better than Jack Black? Plus Haymitch has his angsty PTSD side, which I think Jack Black could handle.

Gale: Trent Ford. Yeah. People keep picking these pretty-boy types for Gale, and I think that’s wrong. You want someone who’s a little rough around the edges. Someone like…Trent Ford. (Who OK is like 30 years old, but come on, this is Hollywood, and people are always ten years older than the character they’re playing.) Trent Ford is a notably not-awesome actor, but Gale pretty much just broods all the time and I’m confident that Ford could handle it.

(Yeah, no more picture of Peeta. That picture alone was accounting for 30% of my bandwidth, no joke.)

Peeta: William Moseley, the kid from the Chronicles of Narnia movie. I had a hard time with Peeta, because blond dudes sort of fade into the background for me. Like, I realize they exist, but I really couldn’t think of any. Someone else came up with Moseley, though, and I think it’s a good choice. Peeta can have that softer, pretty look that Gale shouldn’t have, and Moseley’s got that in spades. Plus, he just looks like a stand-up, reliable dude, which Peeta needs to be.

Katniss: Kat Dennings. She is so beautiful and strong and fabulous. I want her to be in all the movies, but I’ll settle for the lead in Hunger Games. Seriously, who else could play this part?

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