Lesson: Sorry Not Sorry

In this lesson, we’ll look at a book of poems based on William Carlos Williams’s “This Is Just to Say”. Then students get to write their own apology poems. Great for Poetry Month – or any time, really.

Grade levels: 2-8 – I know that’s a really wide range, but seriously, older kids think this is hilarious and the poems they write are amazing. I’ve also done this as an all-ages library program.

Resources: Forgive Me, I Meant to Do It, Gail Carson Levine; apology poem template (.doc)

Read selections from Forgive Me (Levine)

Ask student volunteers to read some selections. What do they have in common? Have you ever given a “false apology” – said sorry when you didn’t really mean it?

Read the original apology poem: “This Is Just to Say” (Williams)

Read some examples of student apology poetry (http://www.foodiebibliophile.com/2012/04/forgive-me-i-meant-to-do-it-false.html)

Students will write false apology poems – they may use the template or write the poem in their own format. They can also illustrate them!

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