Book of the Week: Codename Zero, by Chris Rylander

Codename Zero, by Chris Rylander

Seventh grader Carson Fender has lived in North Dakota his entire life. It’s pretty much empty, so he has to liven things up a little – for example, by executing epic pranks. Like, um, releasing hundreds of goats on school property. And then, while everyone’s trying to round up the goats, super-gluing everything in the building. Every stapler to every desk. Gluing all the doors shut. Et cetera.

In all the chaos, Carson barely notices the guy in a black suit and dark glasses – at least until the guy walks right up to him and hands him a mysterious package. And tells him that he has to guard the package with his life.

And that’s not a prank.

Now Carson’s gone from prankster to accidental secret agent – but let’s face it, the kind of guy who’d set a bunch of goats loose maybe isn’t great at decision-making, so he’ll have to enlist the help of his friends if he wants to survive – and, you know, maybe save the world.

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