Book of the Week: Zero Day, by Jan Gangsei

Zero Day, Jan Gangsei

Eight years ago, Addie Webster, the daughter of the governor of Virginia, vanished from her front yard. It was the news story of the decade. Now her father is president of the United States. He, his wife, and his other daughter Elinor have mourned Addie and moved on. No one’s ever solved her disappearance.

And then Addie reappears. After eight years, she just shows up at a rest stop. It’s a miracle – she’s safe and reasonably unharmed, and she gives the police tons of information about her kidnappers.

But not everyone believes that her reappearance is a miracle. Before long, National Security starts asking questions. Why would her kidnappers let her escape now, after all these years? What did Addie learn during her eight years with them? And whose side is she really on?

Then National Security official blackmails Addie’s childhood best friend Darrow into spying on her. And when he starts investigating Addie’s connections to a terrorist group, the danger comes way too close to home.

If you’re a fan of action-packed spy thrillers like Alex Rider, pick this one up next.

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