Book of the Week: Velvet Undercover, by Teri Brown

Velvet Undercover, Teri Brown
Historical fiction/Adventure

Samantha excels at everything she does. She’s at the top of her class, studies advanced math for fun, speaks five languages fluently, and serves as a messenger for MI5, the British intelligence organization, during World War I.

Her many abilities have drawn the attention of the higher levels of MI5, and soon she’s moved out of her safe messenger job to be trained as an actual spy – a member of La Dame Blanche, a women’s spy organization – in the hope that she will be able to infiltrate the Kaiser’s palace and extract an extremely valuable spy.

She masquerades as a nanny for the royal children, counting on her flawless German to convince the Kaiser and his family that she belongs with them. Even in the beautiful palace, surrounded by celebrities and royals, Samantha is in constant danger as she searches for the missing British spy – especially since no one is certain of the spy’s real identity. If Samantha can’t find the spy in time, the consequences will be dire – for her, and for the entire war effort.

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