Book of the Week: The Eighth Day, by Dianne K. Salerni

The Eighth Day, Dianne K. Salerni

Perfect for fans of Percy Jackson, this fast-paced adventure story is rooted in King Arthur and Aztec legends.

Jax’s thirteenth birthday is normal, if depressing. The only person who remembers is his friend Billy, who gives him an apple. It’s the only present he gets. His guardian, Riley, can barely manage to buy groceries, much less remember Jax’s birthday.

The day after, things change. Drastically. He wakes up to an empty world. No Billy, no neighbors. No school bus, no electricity. Jax starts to think it’s the zombie apocalypse – how else could the whole world be empty?

Then Riley tells Jax he is a transitioner – someone who can see the eighth day, between Wednesday and Thursday. Some transitioners rob banks and loot stores on the extra day, when no one is around and security cameras don’t work – but Riley and his friends work to protect the Normals who don’t experience the eighth day.

And part of that mission involves protecting their secretive next-door neighbor – even if it means sacrificing their own lives to keep her safe.

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