Book of the Week: The Night She Disappeared, by April Henry

The Night She Disappeared, April Henry

It starts out as a normal night at Pete’s Pizza. Most of the employees are high school and college kids like Drew, Gabie, and Kayla. They get along and joke around in between orders, and there’s plenty of blossoming friendships and romances. When Kayla gets sent out on a delivery, it’s still business as usual.

Until she doesn’t come back.

And the guy who called in that last, fateful order? When he called, he asked if the girl in the Mini Cooper was working – and that’s Gabie. So now, Gabie can’t help thinking that the kidnapper grabbed the wrong girl – he took Kayla, but he wanted Gabie – and maybe he still does.

With Kayla missing and a kidnapper on the loose, Gabie and Drew are in a race against time to rescue Kayla from a terrible fate, no matter how dangerous it gets for them.

This heart-stopping thriller is told from the perspectives of multiple people – including the kidnapper himself – and also includes pieces of evidence, interviews, newspaper clippings, and other clues to the truth about what happened to Kayla.

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