Book of the Week: Took, by Mary Downing Hahn

Took, Mary Downing Hahn

Dan’s family is in trouble. His dad lost his job, he and his sister Erica had to quit their private school, and now – worst of all – they’re leaving their Manhattan apartment for a house in rural West Virginia. They don’t know anyone in the close-knit village, and no one there is impressed with them. Their parents struggle to find work, their house is falling apart – which is no surprise. No one has lived there for fifty years, ever since a little girl disappeared – supposedly taken away by a witch.

Dan and Erica don’t fare any better at school, and it seems like Erica’s only friend is her doll. But Dan can tell that there is something seriously wrong with that doll – Erica says that it talks back to her, and tells her to do things, and of course his parents don’t believe him – and it doesn’t take long before his worst fears are confirmed.

Their quiet West Virginia town is full of history and horror, and Dan ends up right in the center of it. What will he have to do to rescue Erica – and what new horrors will he discover in the process?

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