Book of the Week: How to Say Goodbye in Robot, by Natalie Standiford

How to Say Goodbye in Robot, by Natalie Standiford
Realistic fiction

Booktalk: Meet Bea and Jonah – a.k.a. Robot Girl and Ghost Boy.

Bea’s mom called her Robot Girl because she didn’t cry when her gerbil – whom she’d named after a famous Nazi – died. But of course Bea doesn’t get too attached to things – she’s never lived in one place for more than a year.

At her new school she meets Jonah. He’s called Ghost Boy because of his pale skin – and because of a nasty prank his classmates pulled on him back in seventh grade.

They’re unusual people, so of course they become friends in an unusual way – through a note written on a paper airplane, then a show on late-night AM radio, then through long phone conversations. Over the course of the school year, Jonah and Bea form a unique, quirky, and intense friendship that seems destined to end in love – or tragedy.

Weird but real, funny and sad, How to Say Goodbye in Robot is a great read.

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