Book of the Week: Menace from the Deep by Michael P. Spradlin

Menace from the Deep, Michael P. Spradlin
Science fiction

Emmet Doyle has already had enough change. He’s moved four times in the last six years, and last year his mom passed away. And now he’s being uprooted yet again to Florida, near the Everglades, where his biologist dad will be studying endangered species. Florida smells weird and is hot and rainy, which is bad enough, but Emmet has no idea what dangers are really in store. Deep in the Everglades, something terrible lurks.

The real reason Emmet’s dad has been sent to Florida is that a strange new creature was found dead in the swamp. It looks like an alligator, but it’s bigger, more aggressive, and extremely deadly – and DNA testing reveals something else. This creature isn’t some undiscovered species, and it didn’t evolve from other alligators: it is a man-made genetic hybrid – a killing machine. And there are more of them out there. And whoever created this deadly new creature has big plans: plans that will put Emmet and his dad in mortal danger.

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